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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My First Baby Shower Cake!

I've been making cakes for a few years, but to cut down on waste, I only make what I need. So that means I haven't had the opportunity to make a baby shower cake-- until now! My friend gave me creative license. The only qualm was to minimize the fondant (totally understandable since not many people are fond of it mwaha). So I started by baking a white cake then icing and filling it with delicious butter-almond buttercream. Then I got to work on making baby blocks out of rice cereal treats. I could've made it, but I didn't want to be tempted to eat the surplus (yum!) so I bought the premade squares.

I cut them down to the same size...

Then I covered them in buttercream (except for one side) and covered that with fondant...

Then I added baby blue and light green accents to the blocks...
I had that extra one back there in case I needed it.
Then lastly, some buttercream letters and accents (I added a baby bottle and a rattle).

As for the actual cake, I simply decorated it with a shell border and blue ruffle and two pairs of baby blue buttercream booties (whoa, say that five times fast) and voila!

My friend loved it, so I guess my first baby shower cake was a success!

Next cake: I think I'll be getting back into gumpaste... Stay tuned!


  1. the cake was a hit at the baby shower.. thanks for another amazing cake!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad everyone liked it! You are very welcome! :)


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