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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bowling Party Cupcakes!

Hello, all! I made these cuppin' cakes this past weekend, but I haven't had the time to blog about them until today. I've been freaking out/ planning/ getting excited about my trip to Florida for the next week! My Betrothed and I are renting a car and road-tripping it down to Clermont to spend some time with family. I'm so excited because we haven't visited in almost five years! Also, this will be the longest road trip I've been on, so I'm super-nervous!

Anyhoo, I made two dozen bowling ball cupcakes for a birthday party this past Saturday. It just so happens that the US Open of Bowling was also this past weekend. It was actually pretty interesting because the bowler that won (Pete Weber) was creating quite a stir. But, I digress!

I started with baking 12 yellow and 12 chocolate cupcakes (the other two dozen went tightly wrapped in the freezer for snacking). My client requested purple bowling balls, but I didn't want to make them just solid purple. I wanted them to look marble-y, like real bowling balls.

So I started with a lighter purple on each cupcake and gave them a rough smooth (heh makes sense but doesn't at the same time)
Then I mixed the remaining purple with even more purple and squiggled the darker purple onto each cupcake.
So to get the marble-y effect, I used a spatula dipped in hot water to smooth it over and make it round and bowling ball-like.
After repeating that 23 more times, I added 3 black dots to each ball and patted it down with a wet finger. And voila!
The kids loved the cupcakes at the party, and I heard that there were none left!

So, my lovely readers, I will be on hiatus for a little while. Time to pack up my shorts and bathing suits and head on down to Florida for a much-needed vacation! Perhaps I shall bombard you with stories and non-confectionary pictures when I return mwahahaha!

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