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Monday, April 2, 2012

Double Birthday Cakes : Big Foot and Grand Theft Auto

Hello, readers! I made these cute little 6" cakes a little while ago, but I've had my nose in the Kindle reading The Hunger Games. The book was awesome, and after seeing it yesterday, the film was awesome as well. Loved it! So now I can breathe a little bit before I start the second book!

Anyhoo, these two cakes were for siblings that had birthdays a few days apart. They definitely have very different tastes! The Bigfoot cake was based around the Animal Planet show called "Finding Bigfoot." I had never heard of it, but it sounds super-interesting. But what happens when they actually find Bigfoot? Would the show be over, or would they start a new series called "Hangin' with Bigfoot"? Hmmm... But I digress!

The Bigfoot cake was chocolate cake with mocha buttercream (pretty much just chocolate buttercream with a bit of mixed espresso). I added a "hairy" border to the bottom and "dirt" made of chocolate cake crumbs.
For the top and the sides, I added foot prints.
A few plastic tree pics and some writing, and voila!
It was a simple little cake that made a huge impression. :)

The other sibling likes Grand Theft Auto. I wasn't quite sure which one, so I went with the original logo. I printed that on edible image paper and placed that on the yellow cake with vanilla buttercream. Then I scored the Rock Star logo...
I filled it in and added money stacks and dollar signs around the sides.
...And, of course, an AK-47

Other than a pile of coke, I think I captured the game pretty well! Everyone loved the cakes, and the birthday boy and girl were excited. I'm glad I helped make their birthdays special. :)

This week is going to be super busy for me at work because of Easter, but I'll try to crank something out. I recently acquired an egg pan. Hmmmmm...

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