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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quick, Cute, and Easy Halloween Cupcakes

My beloved and I love celebrating Halloween. So we were definitely excited about going to a Halloween party. I figured I could make some cupcakes to bring along for everyone to enjoy. I made two different batches that were quite easy to make. Why? Well, they start with Duncan Hines cake mix. First, I started with these awesome-looking Wilton baking cups.

One batch was a white almond flavor (I used almond emulsion) with festive sprinkles mixed in.

Once baked, they had little orange and black specks in it! And they didn't end up crunchy, if anyone was wondering.

The second batch of cupcakes was a basic marble cake mix. After scooping out the one cup I needed to mix with the cocoa, I dyed the rest of the yellow cake batter orange.

Once the orange was scooped into the cups, I swirled in the chocolate, and voila!

I topped both with my butter-vanilla buttercream and added the remaining sprinkles for another festive touch and they ended up looking great both on the inside and out.

They were a definite hit at the party. And a sidenote: this could be done with Christmas Sprinkles as well (And just white cake mix dyed read and green and marbled together instead).

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