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Monday, November 8, 2010

Magical Virginia Tech Birthday Cake

A good friend of mine, Bob, had his birthday recently and it happened to fall on the night of the Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech game. Bob and his family are fans of Virginia Tech, so I figured I would make him a cake with the logo on it for his birthday.

Lesson learned: making maroon takes a LOT of red and very little black. No other colors. I baked up some dark chocolate fudge cake and iced it with my butter-vanilla buttercream (BVB) and went to work on mixing some orange and maroon colors. I scored the logo on the top of the cake with a skewer then carefully traced and filled in my lines.

I went big and made a tri-color shell border... Luckily, I ended on the right color so the border stayed consistent.

Bob loved his cake (and so did the guests at the party [including me!]) And why is this cake magical, you might ask...? Because Virginia Tech won that night! Yay!

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