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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Cake!

Hello, all! I have been working on a couple of things, so there will be another cake post soon. I promise! Anyhoo, my beloved and I were invited to an Independence Day shindig this evening, so I volunteered to bring the dessert! I made this little strawberry cake and covered it with regular vanilla buttercream...

Then I scored the surface with a set of star-shaped cutters...
Be careful not to pull any icing off with the cutters!
Then I outlined the stars in either blue or red. A few stripes and dots later and voila!

I really like how this turned out! It's a simple but cute pattern, and it's fondant-free (however if you want to make the stars out of fondant, it wouldn't be much of a problem either). Here are some other angles...

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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