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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Braaaaains (and Eyeballs)

My Betrothed had his birthday this past Friday (more on that later), so I decided to make him some delicious cuppin' cakes for the occasion. And why not make them Halloween-themed? I baked up some vanilla-almond cupcakes and whipped up some vanilla buttercream, and got to work on making brains and eyeballs!

The eyeballs were flat-iced then I added green for the iris and red for veins. I finished off with a black pupil. For the brains, I mixed up a brownish pink brainy color and used a Wilton tip 5 to freehand the folds. To divide the two "hemispheres," I ran a warm spatula down the middle.

The cupcakes were a definite hit! Perhaps the next time I make these, I should add a gooey filling. Mwahahaha! *cough* *ahem* Anyhoo...

These cupcakes inspire me to be an awesome zombie next year. I'm talking eyeball hanging off and a huge open wound on my throat and greenish. Ahh, yes... Stay tuned for that one!

Have a fun but safe Halloween, everyone!

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