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Monday, July 2, 2012

My First Wedding Cake!

Hello, all! I recently had the opportunity to make a wedding cake for a very awesome friend that had faith in me. :) Her name is Halle, and I've known her since 6th grade (eek so long ago!). I was honored to be part of one of the most special days in her life, both as a guest and as the wedding cake maker!

After our consultation, she went with a beach themed cake that incorporated her colors (magenta and Malibu blue). The tier sizes were 6", 10", and 14" and the flavor was marble cake (yum!)

Because I had to work as well, I had to work on the cake over two days. I started by baking all of my layers, then storing them securely. The next day, I iced the bottom tier and doweled it (about 8 dowels 1 1/2  " from the edge of the next tier). Then I placed the next tier on, iced it and doweled it, and so on. I placed three dowels into the top tier so it can support the beautiful topper (that was made by the bride herself!)
Each tier was filled with one layer of icing
I dyed fondant in the Malibu blue, then I traced and cut a wave shape to serve as the border of each tier. Then came the pearl border, the "sand" (about 50/50 blend of light brown and white sugars), and shells made of white chocolate in candy molds. I subtly incorporated the magenta into the shells.

The shells and starfish were pearl dusted!
I was so relieved to have finally delivered the cake, even though it was pretty fun making it.
As a guest of the wedding, I can actually say first-hand that my cake was delicious! (Uh, not to toot my own horn or anything ;) )

And most importantly, the bride and her groom, Matt, loved it too!
Congratulations, Halle and Matt! :)

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