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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Naughty Bachelorette Cake

Good day, readers! I have a rather risque cake to share that I recently made for one of my friends (she is married as of right now, so congratulations to Violet and Tramell!)

It doesn't involve nakedness, so I don't need to bring out the blurry-pixely- type editing for this one. It's a clothed sexy torso, complete with necklace and corset!

I started with a quarter sheet cake and two ball pans about 1/3 full (I am finding more and more uses for this ball pan, by the way... good investment idea!)

After trimming the cakes down, I placed the *ahem* spheres in the proper place and carved out a curvy figure.
Eek! Should I have blurred this...?
I base-iced the cake in the bride's fleshtone and also the pink she wanted the corset in. After that was smoothly iced, I added black Cornelli lace accents, ruffles, and strings.

And voila!
Ooh la la!

The heart-shaped pendant added a personal touch (it has her new initials!). She loved it, and it matched her pink and black bachelorette party theme. Success on my first naughty cake!

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