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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Cupcakes: Packers and Steelers

So this is the third consecutive year in which I have made Super Bowl cuppin' cakes. I m glad that the logos are somewhat easy this year. As a non-football-follower-person, I probably wouldn't have known who was playing tonight if I didn't have to know in order to make these cupcakes. At any rate, I hope these little confections looks sort of close to what these teams are wearing.

I started with a French Vanilla cake mix made with an almond emulsion. I let the little cakes cool, then I made a single batch of Butter-Vanilla Buttercream. After icing the tops of the cakes white, I put them into the cupcake holder that they were going to end up in. It's much easier this way than going through all that work then accidentally smushing it on its way to the box.

I mixed up some dark green for the Packers logo and drew the "G." I went back over and made a little green oval around.

Then I mixed some goldenrod and made an outline around each green oval...

For the Steelers, I used the same goldenrod and drew the top diamond, then followed suit with the red and blue.

After all colors were used, I mixed all of them together and mixed black into it. I tried my very best to write "Steelers" with a tiny 1 tip, but you can sort of make out what it means to say. Hopefully, these cupcakes will be a hit at the Super Bowl party tonight!

As for which team I'm rooting for... I have no idea! May the best team win!

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