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Friday, February 25, 2011

England-themed Farewell Cake

This past weekend, one of my good friends had a GAPE-- A Going-Away Party Extravaganza. He's going off to England, so of course I had to make him a cake that focused on England. I didn't want to do the usual double-decker bus, red telephone booth, or Big Ben, so Stonehenge seemed perfect! I started with Duncan Hines Confetti cake in a 9 x 13 pan. Then I iced the top of the cake green and the sides white with Vanilla Almond Buttercream. I used a round tip #5 to pipe the Union Jack on the sides.

Then I set to work on Stonehenge. After researching it, I realized that there are a lot more components involved to the structure than I thought. And there are a lot of interesting theories based upon its construction. If I ever went to England, I would definitely want to check it out. Anyhoo, I used grey Duff-brand fondant, and a lot of toothpicks broken in half.

Grass tip around the edge...

  And a bit of "bushes" around the cake to fill some space...

And this is the cake aaaall done!

He loved it! And I was glad to say that I've actually made a Stonehenge cake!

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  1. you are a real artist GETTE. i hope you go far with your art. AMAL.


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