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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In Search of the Perfect Cake Keeper

Ever since I got Cake Keeper Cakes for my birthday, I have been inspired to bake some of the delicious cakes in it. But! There has been something missing... the cake keeper! So I am in search of a beautiful, classy, simple, awesome, and EPIC cake keeper to display my creations. I decided to start with a very to-the-point Google search:

"fancy cake keepers"

It brought me some interesting photos... but the BEST thing was this:

Courtesy of National Geographic

So this picture only has my two favorite things in the whole wide world: pandas and cake! Now, I'm aware it's a cake made of ice and pieces of fruit, but it's a cake nonetheless. And upon further research, I learned that this is Zhen Zhen, the youngest panda at the San Diego Zoo. This photo was taken on her 2nd birthday last summer. Cute!!!

Onwards to the cake keeper search!

At Willams-Sonoma's website, I found something quite amazing. But of course, this store is always full of amazing things, and if I wasn't affected by the current state of the economy, I would have bought 75% of their items. Anyways, it's a cake dome/ punch bowl!

I love multi-functional items. And this gem is $30. For further info, go here.

Another place I love to look for home goods is IKEA. They have a lovely cake dome (Arv Brollop)  for $19.99. More info here.

It's quite spectacular but it's not available online, and for me, that requires a 3 1/2 hour drive to Woodbridge, VA to obtain one... Hmmm

Then there's good old Amazon. I found this amazing 4-in-1 (yes, I said FOUR IN ONE) covered plate with dome. Glee!

Pretty awesome, and the price starts at $20.99! It's a cake dome, punch bowl, chip and dip tray, and an hors d'oeurves platter. Niiice. I'll keep everyone posted on my choice.

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