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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Mickey Smash Cake

Greetings, all! I must say that this latest cake was a bit of a challenge for me. For as long as I could remember, Mickey Mouse (and pretty much all of the Disney characters) has been quite difficult to draw.

Yes, as my other outlet of creativity, I enjoy creating 2-dimensional art (I think I still have an active DeviantART account [remember that?]). I usually draw portraits but I occasionally like trying to recreate cartoons. Disney characters usually escape me, however...

Anyhoo, I graciously accepted this smash cake order, and I was definitely determined!

For those who may not know, a smash cake is usually a small cake made specially for a baby or child so he or she can smash, eat, smear, throw, and/or dig into it at the party. So I started with baking up a single 6" layer of yellow cake and filling it with vanilla buttercream.
Then I iced the cake completely and set it in the refrigerator while I mixed my colors and prepared my bags. 
I started scoring the design with my fondant tool...
Then I filled in the lines and smoothed the icing over with a warm spatula.
I like how it came out. It's not an exact replica of Baby Mickey, but I think it still captures his cuteness and his... Mickey-ness. My client loved it, and I hope her little one-year-old enjoyed his first taste of cake! :)

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