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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Totally Rad 80's Birthday Cake!

This past weekend, I made a half sheet cake for an 80s-themed birthday party. I had a lot of creative license, but I didn't want to do the typical Pac-Man, cassette tape, and Rubik's Cube (although all of those things were cool). I wanted to use the 80s-style patterns and super-bright color scheme. Pretty-much, the louder and tackier, the better. Luckily, while I was buying a half sheet pan at the craft store, I found these:
I baked off my half sheet cake and let it cool. Then I mixed up 3 batches of almond buttercream (which is about 10 cups). I iced the cake in white, then iced a layer of pink on the sides. Checkerboard was a dominant pattern in most of the 80s things I saw, so I added some checkerboard patterns to opposite corners, then some triangle shapes coming out of the other corners. And to the pink sides, I added zebra stripes (I was going for the highest tack-factor here). I finished the cake off with some white chocolate numbers and bright-colored flowers, and everything actually came together in a funky sort of way.
I think my retro font added to the funkiness as well.
My client, the birthday girl, loved it when she picked it up, so I hope the party-goers loved it too!

**Update: They did! There was only one slice left!

Sidenote: Today marks my 3001st page-view! (I could say 3000th but I wasn't sure if that was today or yesterday). Slowly, but surely creeping up to a million! Thank you, everyone!

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