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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Metal Hello Kitty Cake

  Greetings, everyone! I am back with another birthday cake, and this time it's uber- metal!! Rawwwr!

...And super cute! :)

So how did this cake come about? Weeell...

My good friend, Bob (who is the bassist in my Betrothed's metal band, The Omega Point), had a birthday this past weekend. Now, Bob is known as a metal enthusiast-- he has hundreds of metal CDs! And he has super long metal hair and wears black 99% of the time. So of course, I just had to make him a metal birthday cake worthy of his approval- with a bit of cute mixed in just to mess with him. OK-- a lot of cute mixed in. And who's cuter than Hello Kitty?!

I started with an orange-almond vanilla cake and iced it in butter almond buttercream. I added a layer of dark grey on top then added pearl borders. Then I made the basic Hello Kitty head shape out of white buttercream and added the signature bow, but black (like her soul mwhahaha). And, of course, I added some corpse paint (definitely had to look that up) to her eyes, piercings and a spiked collar.
I used a tip #5 to get the spikes!

 Once Bob opened the cake box, he heartily laughed, so I'm glad he liked it!

Perhaps next year, for his big 3-0, I'll make him a brvtal unicorn cake! \m/


  1. You should have made him a Brony cake :)

  2. Totally should have! But there's always next year... :)


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