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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine Cake!

Hello, all! For the longest time, I thought Thomas was just a train. But apparently, a tank engine and a train are two different things. It has to do with the fact that he doesn't have a coal car. Interesting... You're welcome, by the way! :)

Last weekend, I had the honor of making the birthday cake for my pseudo- nephew, Logan. He turned two, and he had a Thomas the Tank Engine theme to his party. The cake was a vanilla half sheet cake with vanilla buttercream. I looked up a basic Thomas image to use as reference. Then I used my trusty fondant tool to score the design on. I went to work filling in with the appropriate colors, making sure to smooth the surface with a small offset spatula. I also changed his signature number "1" to a "2"!
Everyone at the party loved it, and I'm glad the cake got approval from Logan's sisters, Gabby and Sabrina. :) I'm sure Logan liked the cake, but he was definitely more a fan of the bounce house in the backyard. And that's OK with me because that thing looked fun! Are there any bounce houses for grown-ups out there...?

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