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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stuffed Animal Baby Shower Cake

Hello, again! I've finally had a chance to relax this weekend after much running around! I went to a friend's welcome-home gathering, I threw my first Pampered Chef party, and I went to a special little guy's second birthday party. There was a birthday cake and some sweet treats made, so I'll definitely get to that soon!

But first, I wanted to post about a baby shower cake I recently made. It was meant for an old coworker and a good friend of mine who was having her fourth baby! I decided I could design the cake after the invitation, since it had both pink and blue in it.
 I started with an 8" vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream tinted yellow. On top, I put the stuffed lion on a green background.
Then I placed the bunny and the bear on the sides (because they couldn't fit on the top!)
And to fill up the space on the rest of the cake, I added some cute little buttons on the side with some dots. I think they worked out nicely!
After I added the borders, the cake was almost complete! I had to refrigerate the cake for about half an hour in order for the buttercream to set. Then I took my fondant tool (it snuck into the first photo up there) and made holes in the buttons as well as little "stitches" on the stuffed animals.

Aaaand here it is all together!

My friend loved the cake as did all of the ladies at the baby shower. They wanted me to "do the honors" of cutting it, but I just couldn't! (I'm working on finding the strength to cut my own cakes!)

The baby shower was a surprise, so it was nice to see the look on her face when she saw all of the baby shower decorations and gifts! It was also nice to reconnect with the other ladies who I also worked with. Unfortunately, the conversation quickly turned into delivery room horror stories, which had me reconsidering having children someday. Yech!

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