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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Subway Sub Cake

Hello, all! This new cake here reminds me of the many years I spent working in a deli. It all started when I worked at Schlotzksy's Deli for about four years (my first job), then I also worked in the deli department at Harris Teeter (a grocery store chain on the east coast). I must say, making this cake was much more fun than putting together a real sandwich!

I started with a marble cake baked in a quarter sheet pan. I cut the cake in half lengthwise to create a top bun and a bottom bun. I iced the bottom bun in a light brown buttercream (just a basic vanilla) and also iced the top, so that the "toppings" would have something to stick to. I cut up little pieces of pink "ham" and folded it over like they do at Subway (or most delis, really). Then added a layer of buttercream for "mayonnaise."
Then I rolled out green fondant and shredded it up to represent my lettuce.
Next came the tomato slices. I rolled out 1/4-inch thick red fondant and cut whole circles. Then I cut the circles in half and used a Wilton tip 101 to add seed detail.
I added a couple of "yellow American" slices (brushed with vanilla flavor to give it a shine) and I was ready to put the top bun on.
I also added some brown food coloring the edges of the ham!
As for the board, I covered it in Subway paper, but I also glued a crumpled wrapper on it to make the cake appear like a freshly-opened sammich.

Even though those deli jobs weren't my favorite, I met a lot of awesome people that I'm still in touch with, and that's much more important. :)

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